ISM-Code as safety regulations under the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan

The ISM-Code requires that a Safety Management System (SMS) is established, but it is for owners of a vessel to develop, implement and maintain such a system. This implies that the owners must develop these specific provisions of the SMS themselves. Under previous versions of the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan (and before that the Norwegian […]

Cyber risks – vulnerability for ships and safe navigation

The increased use of computerized systems for ship navigation has without doubt enhanced the safety and security of vessels at sea. However, this has made possible a new kind of threat being the cyber risks that may interfere with these navigation systems. Although there have been no reports of marine casualties caused directly by cyber […]

The Nordic Marine Insurance Plan takes a further important step for the insurance of mobile offshore units

The Nordic Marine Insurance Plan 2013 made substantial amendments to Chapter 18 covering insurance for mobile offshore units. By the new 2016 version of the Nordic Plan an important further step has been taken by adding a new section 6 to Chapter 18 on Construction Risks Insurance of Mobile Offshore Units. The new section 6 […]

Disputes in the wake of the O W Bunker bankruptcy: a lawyers paradise due to lack of unification of international maritime law?

Following the collapse of O W Bunker in November 2014, the press is reporting about vessels being arrested and competing claims being made against customers. The values at stake are often substantial. When there are only two parties involved in the purchase of bunkers, the legal situation is fairly simple. Following a delivery the supplier […]

OCV Charterparties – is there a need for a standard charterparty?

OCV (Offshore Construction Vessel) can be used as a term to collectively denote vessels that perform advanced construction and maintenance work subsea. When these vessels are employed on time charters to perform subsea construction and maintenance work, we see different contract formats being used. In our experience it is quite common to employ the OCVs […]